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Concrete Floor Coating for Durability, Style & Safety

Residential Floor Coating

From pool decks to basements and garages, our floor coating system increases curb appeal and adds safety and functionality to your space.

Commercial Floor Coating

Whether you need easy cleaning for your auto shop or a sharp-looking retail store, our floor coating adds convenience, durability, safety, and aesthetic beauty to your floors.

Industrial Floor Coating

Our floor coating system extends the life of your concrete floors and helps you meet safety standards keeping employees safe and stand up to the wear and tear of foot traffic and heavy impacts. 

Wise Investment

Whether you’re at home or in a commercial or industrial setting, extending the life and safety of your concrete floors is a wise investment. When you add a polyurea coating to your floor, you’re making it safer, easier to clean, more durable, and aesthetically pleasing. All things that make sense for a place you’re spending a lot of time in every day.

Residential Concrete CoatingResidential Concrete Coating

Southern Floor Coating Difference

We’re a local family-owned and operated central Arkansas business.

  • Customer Driven – When you call, a person answers the phone. We show up on time and get the job done on schedule.
  • Up Front Pricing – The final quote is the final quote. No upselling. We deliver exactly what we promise.
  • Quality Craftsmanship – We take the time to do the job right the first time. Your floor installation is carried out by our highly skilled and trained technicians.

24-Hour Penntek Coating System

Want the freedom to start using your new floor in one day? Epoxy coatings for concrete floors have been getting replaced with the upgraded technology of polyurea systems. There are many similarities between epoxy and polyurea, but polyurea stands out with its greater UV light resistance and quick 24-hour cure. We use Penntek’s renowned Evolution system. The three-layer system uses high-quality resins and the most advanced technology available.

24 hour coating system

Get Your Floor Installed Fast

One of the things our customers love most about the Penntek Evolution System is the speed of the installation. Our system can be installed as quickly as one day. With its quick curing properties, your floor can be ready for use in 24 hours. You can avoid significant downtime and lost revenue that comes with other systems and get right back to work.

Guaranteed to Last

15-year Residential Penntek Warranty
5 Year Commercial & Industrial Penntek Warranty


Ready to Add Life, Safety, and Style to Your Floors?

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is your approximate price per square foot?

    There are quite a few factors such as hardness of concrete, previous paints or coatings that need to be removed, cracks to be repaired, to name a few, that go into a quality coating that can influence the price. Because of these factors, we need to put our eyes on the space to give an accurate estimate. We do not price projects over the internet or social media by square footage. We offer a FREE, no hassle guarantee estimates. This eliminates giving you a low price on social media and then increasing the price tag after seeing the space.

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    What colors do we offer?

    We install mostly our Evolution line that has 16 different colors to choose from. To see the color choices, visit

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    Does this texture the surface, or make it slippery?

    t has an orange peel texture that helps with grip and stability. While no surface can ever be labeled truly “non-slip”, we can add additional texture with kiln-dried sand. This enhances the texture and help with traction.

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    What do we charge for an estimate?

    All estimates are FREE

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    Does it prevent mold?

    Yes, the polyaspartic topcoat is antimicrobial and antibacterial.

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    What can we coat?

    Patios, garages, front porches, shops, showroom floors, pool decks, carports, basements, man caves, and commercial flooring. All our applications are UV stable and can be used on outside concrete.

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    What product do we use?

    We use Polyurea -excellent abrasion and scratch-resistant, resistant to weather and other environmental conditions, very beneficial elongation characteristics. It is very fast setting (typical curing time 2 to 5 minutes) depending on the formulation.

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    What services do we offer?

    We offer polyurea floor coatings that you can walk on within four hours of completion and drive on the very next day. All coatings come with a 15-year warranty. Our services are offered throughout the state of Arkansas.

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    Where are we located?

    Just outside of Conway in Greenbrier, Arkansas.

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    How is Polyurea different from Epoxy?

    Prevents peeling and flaking, two times better adhesion, four times stronger than epoxy, and 98% more flexible than epoxy. Compared to epoxy coatings, polyurea is greatly superior in moisture resistance, UV resistance (for aliphatic coatings), abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, and durability. It also has a quicker cure time.

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