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Safety and Durability

As a business owner, creating a safe and functional environment to protect customers and employees starts with your flooring. Nothing brings safety, durability, and beauty to your businesses’ floors like a commercial floor coating system. Enhance the look and feel of any sized floor space in as little as one day.

Concrete Floor Coatings of Arkansas

Commercial Kitchen Floor Coating

Does the flooring in your commercial kitchen provide the safety, durability, and ease of maintenance required for a streamlined work environment?  How does protecting your employees while ramping up efficiency without spending a fortune sound? Our floor coating system is designed for the high-impact demands of a professional kitchen. Keep your employees safe and your kitchen running smoothly.

Concrete Floor Coatings of Arkansas

Showroom Floor Coating

When it comes to a showroom, first impressions matter even more than usual.  Your floor room flooring should be as spectacular as the products you have on display. A floor room coating will withstand the heavy traffic of your guests while enhancing your customer’s experience. Make sure your showroom impresses from the ground up. 

Concrete Floor Coatings of Arkansas

Salon Floor Coating

Your salon floor takes a lot of foot traffic every day. You need a floor that is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and easy to clean. Our commercial floor coating system can be installed and ready to use in 24 hours. Revamp your salon floor and impress your clients with a salon floor coating upgrade.

Concrete Floor Coatings of Arkansas

Locker Room Flooring

Locker room floors see a lot of dirt and grime. Old cement floors are challenging to maintain and make it easy for dirt and bacteria to find hiding places in the concrete pours.  Whether you’re operating a private gym, country club, or public swimming pool, keeping a safe and clean locker room floor is vital to your business reputation.

Concrete Floor Coatings of Arkansas

Retail Storefronts

If you have a retail storefront, a lot of people are walking through your doors every day. Whether you’re selling products, services, or both, the first impression you give your customers makes a big difference. A concrete floor coating will protect your retail store floors while adding beauty.