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Industrial Grade

No other floors take the repeated impact of floors in an industrial setting. Whether it’s a factory floor, warehouse floor, or machine shop, industrial concrete floor coatings add unmatched durability and employee safety to any industrial floorspace.

Concrete Floor Coatings of Arkansas

Factory Floor Coating

Once you’re in full-production mode, you can’t be worrying about your floor’s safety. Floors are easy to overlook, but they are the literal foundation for the success of your factory. Your worker’s safety and productivity starts with their ability to move on your factory floor. In addition to safety, adding a concrete floor coating extends the life of your factory floor, keeping you from costly downtime that comes with repairs and maintenance. Maximize the safety and productivity of your factory floor with a flooring upgrade.

Concrete Floor Coatings of Arkansas

Warehouse Concrete Floor Coating

Heavy machinery, expensive equipment, and large numbers of employees demand something safer and more durable than the standard slab of concrete flooring. You need a proven quality coating system that adds years of durability, function, and safety to your warehouse floor. Our coatings add all of that plus ease of maintenance for a very affordable price. Our quick cure systems allow you to upgrade your warehouse floor and get back to using it in 24 hours. 

Concrete Floor Coatings of Arkansas

Machine Shop Floor Coating

Heavy machinery, metal shavings, heavy foot traffic, and intense cleaning, take a toll on your machine shop floor. If you find yourself continually repairing your floor and spending hours on cleaning, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Our concrete floor coating system adds years to your floor, safety, and ease of maintenance. We get it installed fast, in as little as 24 hours, allowing you to get back to work with minimal downtime.   

Concrete Floor Coatings of Arkansas

Food Processing Floor Coating

Extreme temperature variations, constant wet settings, and heavy machine set the stage for the need for a durable processing floor. Anti-slip flooring for employee safety and ease of cleaning are critical time-saving features for any food processing facility. If you have a new or older floor, our concrete coating will ensure maximum life and safety for your processing floor.