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Your home is your biggest investment. Choosing the right flooring system is key to protecting your home’s value. Whether it’s your garage, patio, or driveway, adding a protective coating will add years of durability, safety, and curb appeal value. With so many coating systems on the market, it’s important that you use industry-tested and proven technology and skilled installers to get the maximum value out of your investment.

Concrete Floor Coatings of Arkansas

Garage Flooring in One Day

Your garage takes a lot of wear and tear. Cracks and stains on your garage floor can greatly reduce your home’s value, and create a depressing look for you. A concrete floor coating can update the look of your garage floor and add durability in as little as one day. Designed for constant use, high impacts, and dramatic temperature changes, our one-day garage coating solution will give you benefits that can last a lifetime – for an affordable price.

Concrete Floor Coatings of Arkansas

Basement Floor Coating

Is your basement as comfortable and useable as it could be? You don’t have to break the bank to add functionality. Transform your basement into a usable space with a floor coating upgrade. Floor coatings can turn a hazardous cracked basement floor into a livable and usable space in one day. It creates a moisture barrier and helps keep pests away

Concrete Floor Coatings of Arkansas

Outdoor Concrete Coatings

Your porch, patio, sidewalk, and concrete steps can all benefit from a concrete floor coating upgrade. Not only does it transform the look of your outdoor space, but it adds life and safety. Once your sidewalk or porch starts cracking, they can quickly deteriorate. Repairs and replacements are costly. Enhance the life and beauty of your outdoor concrete with a proven coating system.

Concrete Floor Coatings of Arkansas

Pool Sidewalk Coating

If you have a pool on your property, you understand how important safety and functionality is for your pool deck. Your pool deck needs to be able to stand up to extreme temperatures, heavy pool traffic, and pool chemicals. Adding a coating to your pool deck ensures more safety, durability, and peace of mind for years of fun in the sun.

Concrete Floor Coatings of Arkansas

Driveway Concrete Coatings

Your driveway takes a lot of abuse from the kids playing to vehicles driving over the surface multiple times every day. When you add a protective coating to your driveway your extend the life, add safety, and add an element of curb appeal to your property. Avoid costly cracked driveway repairs and replacement with a driveway protective coating.