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Article provided by: Van Parys Architecture + Design

Architect Hollywood

Architect Hollywood

Hollywood is one of the American cities that boasts of a unique skyline and. The area boasts of very diverse creations, with some gaining recognition from notable architectural platforms around the world. The list of eclectic styles in the vibrant city gives the average homeowner enough room to design an equally unique dwelling.

No rule requires you to conform to the layout of the existing home or the local neighborhood. You can create that is as strange as you and your family wish. The right questions and suggestions will help you make an excellent architectural program for the custom home design.

Your desires for a custom home may revolve around the following aspects

  • Color palettes
  • Materials in use
  • Dimensions of the room
  • Height of the ceiling
  • Size of the hallway
  • Lighting
  • Design of the roof

The schematic design process determines whether the custom construction will fulfill your dreams.

Reasons to hire an architect for a custom home in Hollywood.


An architect with experience of designing unique homes is the best bet in creating a home that will reach your goal.

Non-existent design

You should hire an architect when the design you want for your home does not exist among all the residences you can access. Alternatively, an architect will be helpful when the home you want is not on sale.

Redesigning a plan

You may have an existing drawing of what you want as your home. The plan may not fit because the rooms may have incorrect sizes, the wrong elevation, or miss spaces like the basement, loft, or elevator.

How our architects help design a custom home


An architect who has experience will have an easy time estimating and calculating the budget of a custom home. These kinds of houses have unique pricing models. Hiring an unprofessional and unlicensed builder could result in multiple reconstructions that rake up the pricing to a couple of extra thousand dollars.

Healthy home

The healthy home may not face the same direction as other homes. It may have unique flows of human traffic or spaces that are too big for a standard home. This case means that the architect should be meticulous in creating a space that allows everyone to have an adequate amount of breathing air, use of healthy materials and a construction procedure that allows a natural cleaning process.

The investment of your home’s health is priceless from our standpoint. We have a unique and detailed knowledge of all aspects of the home’s health that applies to the American home.

Understanding your views

Some custom homes have complicated construction frameworks. It may be impossible for a standard home designer or builder to install a swimming pool on a house that sits on a slope.

The constraints of the land or building engineering require a unique solution. The best architect can understand the importance of your views and the knowledge to enact the ideas into actual constructions.


Your architect is a shield against fraudulent builders who promise to deliver your design without the proper building process. Some of these con artists will design a preliminary plan and fail to start the actual construction because the task is too complicated for their skills. The right professional will not demand a hefty payment before they can give you a building permit.


An architect firm in Hollywood offers more than a plan because they have the education to deliver the specifications and drawings required for the task. The varying degrees of detailing your custom residence need a highly creative mind and artistic vision.

It also requires the talent of an architect firm in Hollywood that can reflect its plan on paper. The detailed drawings will save you the heartache of correcting the builders at every step of the process. Additionally, an experienced constructor will not require surprise costs to create a comprehensive plan for the project.

The quality of a custom home depends on the apprenticeship and training of the architect. We have top-tier education and training to meet the demands of a critical building process. Our construction process allows the construction to have a timely completion with accurate results. Contact us today for detailed reports on how we can customize your home at affordable rates.


Architect Hollywood
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Architect Hollywood
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