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Bank Inspector

Bank Inspector

If you need a third-party bank inspector, Newbanks provides a variety of affordable, per-project inspections. For example, we provide inspections for commercial real estate, homes, and apartment buildings. Additionally, Newbanks can perform inspections on construction equipment, such as bulldozers, cranes, excavators, portable generators, medical equipment, and more. We can even inspect recreational vehicles, such as boats and RVs.

Newbanks inspectors are second-to-none at assessing the current condition of property and equipment. Newbanks works independently for mortgage companies, leasing companies, insurance companies, private lenders, and of course, banks! We check for safety issues, regulation and ordinance compliance, building dimensions, and more.

Here are some of the kinds of inspections offered by Newbanks.

Collateral Inspections

As a company who leases equipment, you will have a responsibility to perform routine on-site visits to make sure the equipment you lease is being used for the expressed purpose stipulated in your contractual agreement with the client. Whether you need an inspection on construction equipment, medical machinery, or even vending machines, Newbanks offers affordable, comprehensive third-party collateral inspection services.

Delinquency Inspections

There are still millions of homeowners who are behind on their payments, many of whom have even left their homes outright and started all over. When Newbanks performs delinquency inspections, we can verify both the current condition and occupational status of the home.

Commercial Inspections

Newbanks offers third-party inspections on a variety of commercial properties, such as apartment buildings, retail stores, warehouses, restaurants, and more. Our inspectors provide detailed visual and written reports of mechanical systems, electrical systems, foundational condition, etc.

Construction Progress Inspections

Most construction loans are doled out in increments or 'progress payments' where a larger loan is chunked down into smaller loans that are paid at each construction milestone. The typical progress payment structure may look something like this:

  1. Foundation completed: $x
  2. Framing completed: $x
  3. Exterior shell completed: $x

A Newbanck bank inspector will make sure that the milestones have been achieved before you finance the next one. We can also provide you with a checklist and photos of current construction progress.

Why Choose Newbanks?

Newbanks inspectors provide detailed, comprehensive inspections and reports. We interview property managers, building engineers, superintendents, etc., to gain a clear picture of the current situation on-site regarding the purpose for which our clients hire us. Again, our inspectors are trained to assess for code compliance, condition, and defects.

In the end, our clients get detailed, hand-written reports regarding the following:

  • Current condition of all systems
  • Values for all immediate repairs
  • Capital reserve analysis
  • Estimate of insurable replacement costs
  • Recommendation of items for review prior to executing investment

Newbanks offers flexible schedules to accommodate our clients. Our inspectors can work morning, day, or night. Although the economy has improved from where it was ten years ago, it's still a tough economy, and there is a larger need for inspectors than ever. This need has led to a boom in inspectors, but not every inspector is created equally!

If you need a bank inspector, contact Newbanks today.

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