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Concrete Staining

Concrete Staining Concrete staining is an extremely popular form of concrete enhancement. If you look, you will notice it everywhere. Stained concrete is a durable, versatile choice for driveways, walkways, entry halls, lobbies, pool decks, and other areas. The overall appearance of a floor can dramatically affect the value of a property, whether that property is a home, workshop, restaurant, public community area, or industrial plant. Designers and builders understand this and offer property owners a wide variety of flooring options to choose from. Some may recommend carpet, hardwood, or tile. Some may recommend specialty floorings such as marble or terrazzo, while in other cases, vinyl flooring or laminate options will seem more sensible. But all of these flooring options, though diverse, have one thing in common. They are all less durable, less versatile, and more expensive than concrete. Though no designer or builder will protest this, they will nonetheless stick to their recommendations at first, arguing that these more expensive flooring alternatives make up for their higher costs by providing a higher level of aesthetic benefit. In other words, a wood floor is preferable to a concrete one because it looks better. But a stained concrete floor can be made to have the same textured appearance that any of these other flooring types offer, making the aesthetic argument largely moot. And with this rebuttal eliminated from the discussion, concrete flooring is clearly the best option in many, many cases. But those designers do have a point. Bland, gray, colorless concrete is rarely as appealing as, say, hardwood or tile. This is why concrete staining is critical. If certain rooms in your home are floored with nothing more than bare slab at present, such as a garage that you wish to upgrade or a kitchen that is undergoing a remodel, we aren’t trying to convince you to leave them just as they are. Rather, recognize that bare concrete is a perfect canvas that can allow you to create something beautiful. Different texture and color opportunities abound, all of them available at prices far below the cost of other flooring options. Most staining is accomplished through the use of chemicals, specifically acids. At Restoracrete, we use a series of stains developed by NewLook, one of the first companies to develop a staining technique specifically designed to enhance the beauty and appearance of concrete while simultaneously protecting the floor from wear and tear. Our stains create a solid, vibrant, and breathable top layer that protects and maintains concrete without even requiring a sealer. With creativity and professional techniques, concrete can be stained to match the subtle appearance of tile, marble, wood, or even leather. Contact us today at 1-866-446-8873 to learn more about the different concrete stains we can achieve and the innovative, patent-pending products we use.
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