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From pool decks to basements and garages, our floor coating system can be applied to most concrete surfaces to increase curb appeal, add safety, and improve functionality.


Whether you need easy-clean flooring for your auto shop or an inviting floor space for your retail store, you can trust our floor coating to add convenience, durability, safety, and aesthetic beauty to your floors.


Our floor coating system extends the life of your concrete floors and withstands the impact of foot traffic and heavy equipment, helping you meet industry safety standards and keep your employees safe.

Creative Concrete Solutions Arkansas

Creative Concrete Solutions Arkansas

When we think about concrete, we tend to think of standard blacktop asphalt driveways, parking lots, and roads. As practical as concrete is, most of us never think of concrete as being beautiful. Sure, a fresh coat of concrete looks nice, but how about concrete that's even one-year-old? That's usually all it takes for concrete to develop stains, cracks, chips, and discoloration. However, Southern Floor Coatings provides creative concrete solutions in Arkansas using epoxies. Would you like to make your indoor or outdoor concrete surfaces more appealing?

You probably have at least a passing familiarity with the concept of concrete floor epoxies. If not, here's allow us to provide you with a brief synopsis of epoxy floor coatings before we elaborate on a few of our creative concrete solutions.

Why Do People Use Epoxy on Concrete Floors?

Epoxy concrete floors are durable. Epoxies protect the floors they cover and prolong the floor's life by many years. Epoxy floors have other benefits as well, such as the following:

  • Slip-proof
  • Beautiful
  • Shiny
  • Clean
  • Hygienic
  • Waterproof
  • and more

Epoxy can be used indoors and outdoors, such as on garage floors, basement floors, driveways, and walk areas, making said floors more attractive, safer, and cleaner. Epoxy can be used on concrete floors in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Getting Creative with Epoxy Floors

Now that you understand the basics of epoxy flooring and how they can benefit you, let's get creative with it. While there are many companies that offer epoxy flooring installation, very, very few of them can provide the number of creative concrete solutions that Southern Floor Coatings offers.

As you will see, there are seemingly endless possibilities of epoxy, and we're just going to scratch the surface here.

Metallic Floors

If you want a polished and stained surface, Southern Floor Coatings can provide you with a smooth, shiny floor that is clean, modern, simplistic, and elegant all at the same time! We can make your floor as shiny as you'd like, to the point where you can see your own reflection when you look down!

Multi-Color Designs

Think of the most beautiful marble or granite surfaces that you've ever seen. Now, think of the most beautiful tile flooring you've ever seen. Southern Floor Coatings can achieve the exact same colors and design patterns with epoxy flooring - just without the grout!

Embedded Graphics or Logos

Hospitals, institutions, sports facilities, and other locations are suitable candidates for these kinds of floors. With embedded graphics or logos in your epoxy coating, your facilities will smarter, more professional, and branded.

Additionally, Southern Floor Coatings can add paint, granules, and other substances. For example, you may want to make your epoxy coating slip-resistant and colorful, choosing from one, two, or even multiple colors. Well, Southern Floor Coatings can handle that for you.

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