When you schedule an installation appointment with Southern Floor Coating to have your concrete floors coated with our scientifically superior polyurea floor coating, you can expect a beautiful floor installed quickly and efficiently by our skilled technicians. Knowing what to expect from your floor coating appointment will help ensure the best results for your project. Read on for more insight into what you can expect when you choose Southern Floor Coating.

Friendly Reminder

 As a courtesy to our valued customers, we will call you the week prior to your floor coating appointment to confirm your appointment and remind you of the following important information about your coating:

  • Turn off all irrigation systems prior to your floor coating appointment.
  • Do not power wash or rinse concrete before our scheduled date. We cannot coat wet concrete. Don’t worry – we will take care of the ugly!
  • Remove all furniture and/or fixtures from your concrete surface. Our professional installers exercise extreme caution when working on your project, but removing items from the work area eliminates the possibility of damage and leaves your concrete surfaces accessible for the best results.
  • Trim any bushes or overhanging plants or grass away from any spaces to be coated. If future landscaping reveals bare concrete, an additional fee will be required for additional coating.
  • To protect your coating and allow maximum curing time, be prepared to stay off your coated surfaces for 24 hours.
  • Please plan to provide payment for your project to our professional install team upon completion. Our credit card processing system requires an additional 3.5% fee when using a card. Cash and checks are accepted with no fee.


What Happens on Your Scheduled Appointment Date 

  • On the day of your installation appointment, you can expect our team to arrive at your location on time and fully prepared for your floor coating project.
  • After our install team has reviewed with you the details of your floor coating project, they will unload equipment and begin preparing your concrete for coating.
  • Our technicians will use a large concrete grinder to grind the surface of your concrete. This opens the pours of the concrete to allow the polyurea base coat to deep-seat in the concrete, creating an adhesive bond 4 times stronger than that of an epoxy coating.
  • The install team will use menders to fill any holes or cracks in your concrete. This provides a solid, smooth surface for your floor coating.
  • Your concrete floor is now ready for the polyurea basecoat. Our technicians will use an 18-inch paint roller to thoroughly coat your concrete and a cutting brush to coat any vertical surfaces.
  • While the polyurea basecoat is being applied, a partner technician will broadcast the chip to give your coating its color and texture. When this is complete, the team will allow time for the chip mix to adhere to the base coat. Depending on temperature and product used, this typically takes 45 minutes to an hour. They will then use a firm paint roller to flat role the chip mix, ensuring even distribution and preparing the chip for a smooth finish.
  • When the chip mix has bonded to the polyurea coating, our technicians will scrape any excess chip away from the concrete surface.
  • Your concrete is now ready for the final coat. This polyaspartic topcoat is UV stable, which protects the color of your coating. Our technicians spread the topcoat on top of the chip mix using a combination of techniques to ensure every inch of your coating is covered by this topcoat.
  • When the polyaspartic topcoat has been applied, your concrete coating is complete. Our install team will clean the area and leave you with a stunning, flawless finish, a 15-year warranty against peeling or chipping, and a lifetime warranty against discoloration.


After Your Appointment 

  • Now that your concrete floor coating is complete, you will need to wait 24 hours before replacing any furniture or fixtures and 48 hours before driving on your floor.
  • You will receive a customer satisfaction survey following your appointment. Your response to this survey will help us improve our service and continue to provide our community with quality, long-lasting concrete floor coating.
  • Google reviews are encouraged and appreciated. If you are satisfied with your coating, please consider leaving a 5-star Google review. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your coating, please contact us.


At Southern Floor Coating, your satisfaction is our priority. We are thrilled you have chosen to allow our team to update your spaces with a beautiful concrete floor coating, and we look forward to working with you on your project.

Are you ready to transform your floors? Contact us through our contact form or call today to schedule your FREE estimate.